Industrial Garments & Towels

Industrial Uniforms

CTC only uses the top quality industrial uniforms. We clean and deliver uniforms weekly and always issue tthe proper number of uniforms to each individual. Our uniforms go through a five-stop inspection system and we replace any uniforms that have become word. We also repair tears, rips, and buttons at no additional cost. We maintain inventory control for each employee, so our customers know at all times how many uniforms have been assigned.

Available Brands

Red Kap, Dickies, Wrangler, Bulwark FR

Shop Towels & Fender Covers

Our shop towels are 100% cotton. They are highly tough and absorbent, making them more efficient than a blended towel with polyester. They also won't melt on hot items, as blended towels are prone to do. Our shop towels offer the highest quality towel at a competitive price.

Available Colors

Red, White