CTC towels are 100% Cotton, which makes them highly absorbent and cost effective as you will use fewer of these versus a blended towel. Our towels are only rented to cooking establishments. These towels will never end up in a gas station or mechanic shop and returned to you next week. Need industrial towels?

Tea TowelTea Towel

The tea towel is a large herringbone towel that is great for kitchen use as it has no nap. The towel can be used for hot plates or other hot objects. It is 100% cotton and highly absorbent.

Bar MopBar Mop

The bar mop is a terry cloth towel that is ideal for cleaning spills and tables. The terry nap and 100% cotton design make it the most absorbent towel CTC has to offer.

Beauty TowelBeauty Towel

The beauty towel is a large terry cloth towel ideal for drying hair and blotting perms. The advantage of this towel is you have no investment, no cleaning, and free delivery.

Grill PadGrill Pad

The grill pad is designed for cleaning dirty cook tops and other grimy surfaces without damaging your good towels
(see: above).