How Uniform Rental Works

We deliver to over 300 towns in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.


Are you interested in how our uniform rental service works? Here at Consumer Textile Corporation, we condense our intricate rental process into three easy steps.

What’s included with our Uniform Rental Service programs:

Three Simple Steps

First and foremost, we plan out our delivery schedule based off of your business’s schedule and needs. We will work with you and work on delivering the products to you that fit within your preferred time and dates. Our delivery specialists are equipped in knowledge and experience in arriving on-time and efficiently. They will deliver your items, free of any missing items or damaged products.

uniform rental process from CTC

Our second step in our three step process is our Employee ID labeled uniforms. This is a security feature we provide in order to make sure that all of your employees are equally accounted for. Each of your employees will receive a label on their uniforms featuring a unique employee number and their name. This will allow further tracking for missing or lost uniforms. Our third step is another safety feature, a bar code label which ensures that we provide the correct amount of items which were requested by our customers. Our delivery agents will scan the box upon delivery, and the bar code will inform them which package is for which customers, in addition to the types and amount of items which are in the boxes.

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