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Dave Felch

P: 580-323-3111

Liz Johnson

P: 580-323-3111

Salome Reynaga

Retail Production Manager

James Kimbro

Lawton Customer Service Supervisor
C: 580-309-1918

Rick Thurman

Customer Service Specialist
C: 580-309-0730

Debbie Walpole

Customer Service Specialist

Shelley Jones


Houston Jones


Veronica Zapata

Plant Manager

Customer Service Representatives

Travis Rucker

Route 1
C: 580-515-0156

Austin Dees

Route 3
C: 580-515-0158

Marco Boras

Route 4
C: 580-515-0159

Steven Price

Route 5
C: 580-515-0153

Jesse Adams

Route 9
C: 580-515-0172

Tommy Oliphant

Route 20
C: 580-668-0575

Anthony Anderson

Route 22
C: 580-515-0152

Matt Pennington

Route 24
C: 580-515-0160


Scott Johnson

Sales & Service Manager
C: 580-309-0772

Mike Davis

C: 580-309-3252

Dylan Abner

C: 405-808-3145

Jesse Adams

C: 580-515-0172


Lena Cardenas

Clinton Drive Thru
C: 580-323-3111

Susie Aguirre

Myers Drive Thru
C: 580-774-2111

Ingrid Craven

Elk Drive Thru
C: 580-225-3354

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