First Aid Kits


First Aid Kits

Extend the same care you share for your business with the staff and guests responsible for its success. Accidents are inevitable which is why we ensure you’re prepared for everything from paper cuts to worst-case scenarios. CTC’s cutting-edge first aid kits have you covered!

Why CTC?

Medical best practices are constantly evolving. CTC understands the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in first aid treatment and growing alongside them because instilling a sense of security for your guests is our top priority. Here’s what our first aid kits bring to the table:

Improved Staff Performance

Employee safety offers more benefits than staff well-being. CTC equips your staff with resources to assure they’re protected and viewed as more than a commodity. Quality first aid promotes a better culture, positive employee morale, and more productive work output.


Big things come in small packages, and our first aid kits pack a punch! Whether you need band aids, tweezers, sterile gloves, bulky dressings, or more, we empower you with everything your business needs to tend to emergencies quickly and effectively. In healthcare, time is of the essence. Organization for easy access in a compact kit is a major focus.

Inventory Management

Your business can’t afford any lapses in high-quality care. We’re going the extra mile with advanced tracking systems to ensure your inventory is consistently stocked and organized. That’s one less stress on your plate, so your staff can focus on delivering the exceptional services your customers expect.

Personalized Service

Where competitors take a one-size-fits-all approach to first aid supply, CTC factors in the overlooked but essential variables to first aid. We assess company size and common hazards in the workplace to customize a package for optimal performance.

CTC First Aid is Your #1 Option

Initial response to medical emergencies is the most important step in healthcare. Placing a band-aid over the problem isn’t in our DNA. CTC knows unique challenges require unique solutions. CTC addresses the heart of your needs with cutting-edge supplies to elevate your business image and add another layer of security for your staff and guests.

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