Linen and Uniform Rental Services in Bessie, OK 

Have linen and uniform needs in your business? Get solutions that work linen and uniform rental services in Bessie, OK from an industry expert!

CTC Has the Best Linen and Uniform Rental Services in Bessie

CTC is your leading choice for linen and uniform rental services in Bessie for a variety of industries. With durable, high-quality products to choose from and our dedicated customer service team, you get superior results for all your business’s needs. We offer services for each of the following:

Floor Care

Get more out of your floors with better and more dependable commercial mat rental solutions only from CTC! We have a complete selection of floor mats for different areas of your facility. Each mat will meet your business’ needs for floor cleanliness, safety, and presentability. We offer:

Standard Mats

Message Mats

Logo Mats

Special Matting


CTC offers complete linen and garment solutions for your food service business. Our specialized rental and care service ensures the safe, dependable, and efficient handling of your supplies. We offer:



Table Linens




Take your brand of hospitality to another level with hotel linen solutions from CTC! We offer a complete selection of all your hotel linen needs, all handpicked and checked for superior quality. Whether you’re operating a small bed and breakfast or running a major chain, CTC’s hotel linen solutions will make the biggest difference. We offer:


Give your guests a spa experience that will keep them coming back! CTC has all of your salon and spa linen essentials, all in the top-notch quality that we’re known for. We offer:

Bath Mats

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Bed Sheets

Fitted Sheets


Bar Mops

Microfiber Towels

Tea Towels



Beauty Towels

Microfiber Navy Beauty Towels

Bath Mats

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Bed Sheets


Thermal Blankets




Make your automotive linen and uniform supply the least of your worries with proven and tested solutions from CTC! We also have a complete selection of cleaning, floor care, and restroom supplies for all your facility’s other needs:



Air Fresheners

Hand Soap

Shop Towels

Microfiber Towels

Fender Covers

Automotive Uniforms


Keeping your facility clean has never been this easy! CTC offers the widest selection of cleaning essentials in Oklahoma that help make facility maintenance as easy as it is effective. We offer:

Cleaning Chemicals, Equipment, and Supplies

Paper Products

Receptacles/Trash Can and Liners

Restroom Products

Industrial Uniforms

Give your employees the kind of uniforms that will work as hard as they do with industrial uniform service from CTC! We offer high-quality uniforms, maintained to the highest standards to ensure their cleanliness, safety, and top-notch condition. Best of all, we use powerful garment tracking technology to ensure protection against losses, mix-ups, and unnecessary costs.

Family Laundry and Dry Cleaning

If you need family laundry and dry cleaning in Bessie, go with a Sanitone certified Master Dry Cleaner like CTC! Our advanced machinery, sophisticated tracking systems, and well-trained staff are always up to the task when it comes to taking care of your laundry needs!

CTC: Certified Excellent, Certified Reliable

CTC expertise comes from more than 110 years of industry experience. This history of success is all the assurance you need to know that your most important supplies will get the most reliable care.

Beyond our excellent services, something that sets our business apart is how we treat you: the customer! We provide personalized care, solutions tailored to your individual needs, and the kind of care and attention that only an independently owned and operated business can give.

Don’t let your business needs wait another day. Contact CTC today at 580-323-3111 to learn more about what we can do for you! Have more questions? Send us your inquiries here!

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