Restaurant Towels

Stop wasting time and energy on restaurant towels that don’t deliver! For towels that are as durable as they are truly functional, enlist the services of your local restaurant linen specialist: CTC!

We have a range of products to choose from, each one guaranteed clean, safe to use, and durable to withstand the cleaning challenges of everyday restaurant work.

All-Purpose Restaurant Towels

CTC is your best source for all your restaurant towel needs. We have a range of products to choose from to bring you the best results:

restaurant towels

Grill Towels

Durable, heavy-duty fabrics designed for the most stubborn grease and grime of the restaurant kitchen.

Kitchen Towels

From tables to counters to handling hot surfaces and objects, CTC’s high-quality line of kitchen towels is designed for every corner of your kitchen.

Terry Towels

Excellent heavy-duty towels with a delicate touch, our soft terry towels are a lint-free solution for all your cleaning and polishing needs for silverware and glassware.

Quality Restaurant Towels, Top Notch Maintenance Service

Your restaurant kitchen needs towel service designed to meet the most demanding, most specific needs. You will need solutions that are as effective as they are hassle-free – and CTC is your best, most reliable option for all your restaurant towel needs.

CTC expertly combines the most excellent choice in towel products with a decades-worth of industry experience. Each towel in our catalogs has been carefully selected to ensure durability and fabric quality, maintained using cutting-edge technology and tried-and-tested methods from pickup to delivery.

With CTC, low-quality, dirty, and poorly-maintained towels will become a thing of the past.

Make the Right Choice Today!

CTC brings the ‘service’ in restaurant towel services. Make the right choice today! Call 800-926-5646 to speak with our customer service representatives – they’ll walk you through the best options available for your business.

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