Linen Services in New Cordell, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for a linen, laundry, uniform, or bathroom supply service in New Cordell, Oklahoma, then you’re in the right place! CTC is proud to offer top-notch services to Cordell, OK for all it’s rental, laundry, and janitorial needs. 

Services We Offer

If you have a commercial facility need, we have the solution. 

Linen Rental

If you’re tired of your linens fading, staining, tearing, or otherwise becoming unusable, try a linen rental service like CTC. Worry no more about the costs of replacing linens that go bad. With CTC, your linens are monitored for stains and damage and repaired or replaced without hassle. 

Uniform Rental

Managing your employees’ uniforms is a full-time job. They should be clean, undamaged, and ready for use every day. That’s a lot. With a uniform rental service taking care of it, you and your employees won’t have to worry. 

Mats and Mops

Mats and mops are protectors of your business. They keep dirt, wetness, and grime from accumulating where it shouldn’t. Problem is, they don’t last forever. If pushed beyond its prime, an old mop will spread more filth than pick it up. A mat will become dangerous. That means you’ve got to go out and pay for more, again and again. 

Stop that madness. Let a qualified and time-tested facility service like CTC take care of it! With CTC in charge of your facility’s supply, the last thing you’ll have to worry about are your facility supplies getting old or dirty. 

Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning

If you have your own uniforms or linens, then you need to make sure they’re cleaned as thoroughly as possible. CTC has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to take on any need and have it done on time. 

Why Work with CTC?

Though CTC knows the industrial linen and uniform business, we haven’t forgotten that your business is unique. It has its own needs and specifications, and we look forward to learning them to best serve you. 

We make your concerns our personal mission. If you have an issue, it’ll be sorted out quickly and efficiently. 

If solution-focused, independent ownership, and time-tested adherence to customer service sounds good to you, then give CTC a call at 800-926-5646. 

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