Medical Bath Linens

Are your medical textiles designed to protect your patients and your healthcare business?

When it comes to medical bath linens, there is no room for errors or second thoughts. For your medical bath linens, work with a company that protects your patients’ safety and security: CTC!  

CTC is your most reliable source for all kinds of medical linen supplies. Our wide selection of bath linens are designed for the rigorous and critical linen needs of the medical industry and we have everything you need for your facility – and more!

Quality Second to None

With CTC’s expertise in the medical linen industry, you can trust that every item in our special medical bath linens selection meets the highest standards for quality, unmatched anywhere even by our closest competition:

  • Made of high-quality material that ensures user comfort
  • Designed to withstand the rigid washing procedures that keep towels clean and hygienic
  • Processed in a topnotch facility that expertly launders and maintains linens designed for the medical industry, ensuring that your linens are always clean, safe and ready for patient use
  • Expertly handled by trained and skilled professionals who make sure that the strictest safety and hygiene protocols are put in place for optimum infection control in every step of the process

Bath Linens Designed for Patient Comfort

CTC’s line of medical bath towels is designed for patient use. They are picked and maintained for special use in different medical facilities of all sizes:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Other Medical Facilities

The CTC Brand of Excellence

CTC does not have a secret to success. What we do have is the careful combination of topnotch products, excellent services and reliable professionals – and that makes all the difference.

We always strive to deliver our services with one major goal: for you to never have to worry about your linen needs, ever. That is why we pay attention to every little detail – from the manner and timing of pickups and deliveries, to the amount of work and the careful concentration of our laundry process, to the promptness of our responses to your calls, and everything else in between. That is commitment both to excellent service and to our customers’ welfare and satisfaction that is unlike anything our competitors can offer.

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