Looking for the best linen and uniform rental service in Bethany, OK? There are many contenders but only one that’s worth your time and money:

Get High-Quality Linen and Uniform Rental Service in Bethany, OK from CTC!

CTC has over a century of experience providing industry-leading linen and uniform rental service in Bethany. Here are some of the many industries we cover: 


Our bedsheets, pillowcases, and bath towels are comprehensively tested to ensure they meet high comfort standards. We only provide our hotel clients with the kind of linens we want on vacation! 


Automotive jobs are dirty and their workers need durable, clean linens and uniforms to perform at their best. We empower automotive professionals with shop towels, microfiber material, fender covers, and uniforms built for their specific needs and washed in our state-of-the-art laundry facilities. 


Give your kitchen staff the cook shirts, chef hats, aprons, and towels they need to prepare the finest food for your diners far faster and more efficiently than before. 


We work closely with salons and spas to provide them with linens that meet their exact specifications on design, aesthetics, and comfort. This includes towels, blankets, and pillowcases of the highest quality.


Industrial workers regularly deal with heavy machinery, sharp objects, flammable materials, and low-visibility conditions. CTC has uniforms tailored to each individual situation and ready to keep industrial workers safe. 

CTC Offers Additional Services

Linens and uniforms aren’t all we offer. For each of the above industries we also provide: 

Floor Care

We use the best mats in the industry sturdy enough to withstand high traffic over extended periods. We can customize them to fit anywhere in your business so they can best protect your floors. Say goodbye to expensive floor repair bills, slip-and-fall accidents, and out-of-control allergies!


Get the most absorbent and durable mops in Oklahoma to take care of what our mats don’t cover. And for surfaces that our mops can’t easily reach, such as counters or desks, our high-quality cleaning chemicals, paper towels, and other restroom supplies are ready to step up. 

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