Linen and Uniform Service in El Reno, OK

El Reno linen and uniform service isn’t hard to come by. However, there’s no need to stick with whichever one is closest or even the one you already have. Consumer Textile Corporation (CTC) provides the clean, high quality service you need!

What’s So Special About CTC?

CTC stands out from the competition in a variety of ways. Here are four major aspects of our El Reno linen and uniform service that make us unique.


CTC offers a wide variety of textile services. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, and salons/spas as well as industrial, automotive, janitorial, and floor care services. We also offer only the highest-quality uniforms, tablecloths, aprons, kitchen towels, and mats.


CTC’s textile service offers durable linens capable of putting up with the most extreme environments. A study done by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC), showed that reusable products outperform disposables. We build each of our products to last for that very reason.


CTC has a storied history with over 110 years of experience in the linen and uniform industry. We are a family-owned and operated business that knows how to keep customers. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best El Reno linen and uniform service for the most competitive rates.


Our clients’ textiles need a lot of attention after what they’re put through. CTC is equipped to handle any staining or damage with our advanced commercial laundry facilities. We preserve the quality of each and every garment brought to us. Each linen goes through a detailed inspection so that if we find anything that doesn’t meet our standards, we deal with it promptly. We will either repair or replace each substandard piece with a product that does free of charge.

CTC is Your One-Stop Shop for El Reno Linen and Uniform Service

CTC is exactly the El Reno Linen and Uniform Service your business needs. Give us a call today at (580) 323-3111 or direct any inquiries here for more information.

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