CTC brings together years of experience, top-notch product selection, and a team of garment care experts to give you the most incredible results for your business’ needs. Our linen and uniform rental service in Thackerville, OK brings you results where it truly matters.

The Best Linen and Uniform Rental Service in Thackerville

We offer linen and uniform rental service in Thackerville for each of the following industries:


Get better solutions for your restaurant linen management needs with the help of CTC! We offer an excellent selection of table and kitchen linen essentials, as well as floor care basics.


Give your hotel the five-star linen service solutions that it deserves with CTC’s complete hotel linen and uniform rental service in Thackerville! We have all your bed and bath essentials covered, as well as cleaning and floor care solutions.


Get full-service satisfaction for your Thackerville automotive business’ linen, uniform, and facility service needs only from CTC. We have a full range of shop rags, specialized mats, mops, and restroom essentials. We are also your number 1 choice for automotive business uniforms – from corporate wear to coveralls.


There is nothing more off-putting in a salon or spa than stained sheets and smelly towels. And there’s no better way to address that than with the help of a certified salon/spa linen rental expert in Thackerville like CTC! We offer a complete selection of bed and bath linens to choose from, as well as floor mats to suit your business’ most pressing needs.


Running an industrial business is never easy. Don’t let your uniform and linen needs make it all harder! Our industrial linen and uniform services cover the needs of businesses across various industries and come with the guarantee of superior product quality and outstanding laundry service.

Floor Care

Your business should never be caught with dirty floors! Keep up with your floor care needs with essential tools and top-notch service only from CTC! We have a wide selection of floor mats and high-quality mops and mopheads to choose from, suitable for even your toughest cleaning jobs.  


The cleanest results can only come from the most effective solutions. And CTC has them all! We are your number 1 source for the highest-quality janitorial products in Thackerville. With over 45,000 products to choose from, we guarantee you the right solution for all your janitorial needs – from entrance to exit, from floor to ceiling.

Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Who better to care for your most valuable items than the most reliable Sanitone Master Dry Cleaners in Thackerville: CTC! We can take care of all of your needs – from corporate wear to special garments.

We’ll Let Our Service Do the Talking

CTC has the enviable experience of over a century in the business. If it’s a track record you’re looking for, we certainly have our competitors beat – 110 times over. And our secret has always been simple: dedication to your needs.

For CTC, there is no such thing as ‘small service’. Every client, every item, and every service are treated with the utmost care and attention. And the goal is always the same: complete solutions, full satisfaction – and all at no added burden or hassle on your end.

Start your linen and uniform rental service in Thackerville with CTC today. Call us at 800-926-5646 or send us your inquiries here!

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