CTC has been a reliable provider of uniforms and other products for over 100 years. We believe in providing high-quality products that are comfortable and durable for hardworking staff members. If you’re looking for optimal uniform service in Langston, OK, look no further than CTC!

CTC: The Best Uniform Service in Langston!

For over a hundred years, CTC has provided reliable uniform service in Langston and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma and Texas. We offer uniforms for a variety of industries, including:

Restaurant Apparel

At restaurants, there’s a constant flow of people in and out as they search for their next meal. This means that the kitchen is often very messy from all the food preparation. However, CTC lessens the chaotic mess with aprons that keep wearers clean and ready for whatever comes next! Not only are these aprons ergonomic to provide wearers with a full range of motion; but they also ensure that workers can perform at their best!

Automotive Uniforms

Oklahoma’s economy would not be nearly as strong without the backbone of automotive shops. Mechanics need top-notch protection from common dangers at work, like grease and grime that gets everywhere. CTC automotive uniforms protect wearers from these hazards while also being comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Industrial Uniforms

At CTC, we understand that workers in dangerous or extreme conditions need reliable protection. That’s why our uniforms are heavy-duty and long-lasting! With our uniform program, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be laundered and maintained by us so it is always ready for use.

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