Reliable Medical Linen Services


Leave no room for error or doubt when it comes to the cleanliness and integrity of your medical linens! Trust the most reliable medical linen services in the area: trust Consumer Textile Corporation.

CTC’s medical linen services are the product of a century of relentless effort in delivering quality results to our countless customers. Through our team of hardworking specialists, state-of-the-art laundry treatment facility, rigorous quality control standards, operating procedures, product selection and dedication to customer safety and satisfaction, CTC remains your top choice in medical linen solutions.

Excellent Medical Linen Selection

Consumer Textile Corporation offers a range of linens and apparel for both patient and professional use. Each item in our inventory has been carefully selected for durability and functionality:

bath mats

Bath Mat

bath towels

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Hand Towel

Bed Linen

hotel bed linen

Bed Sheets

Incontinent Pad

Thermal Blanket

Gowns & Scrubs

Scrub Pants

Scrub Top

IV Gown


Message Mat

Logo Mat

Special Mat


Microfiber Wet Mop

Microfiber Tool

Microfiber Dust Mop



Sugical Towel

Kitchen Towel

Why Rent Your Medical Linens?

The burden of linen care might be costing you so much more than you think!

Running your own laundry facility may be weighing your facility down in ways you could not anticipate. For one, industrial laundry equipment does not come cheap. There’s also the possibility of these machines breaking down due to human error and/or equipment wear and tear that will not only cost you even more money on repairs (or worse – replacements!) but will also cause unnecessary delays in your linen supplies.

Meanwhile, having to purchase your own linens means you are stuck with whatever volume you have, leaving you very little room to adapt to changing patient size and emergency situations. It also leaves you with very little protection against the costs of linen loss due to theft, negligence, and natural wear and tear.

When you rent your medical linens from Consumer Textile Corporation, you will always have:

  •         Adaptability in volume to accommodate your differing patient load
  •         Freedom from the costs of in-house laundry facilities
  •         Access to a larger range of products exclusive to linen rental facilities
  •         A steady and on-time supply of linens and apparel
  •         The guarantee of linens cleaned to suit medical standards

Reliable Medical Linen Services from CTC

We are your most reliable option for on-time, high-quality, and credible medical linen services in Oklahoma – and we have more than one hundred years of established reputation to back it up. The quality of service and satisfaction we provide are more than anything our competition can match:

  •         Specialized solutions
  •         Dependability
  •         Expert experience
  •         Personalized services
  •         Direct access to management
  •         Locally-owned and -operated
  •         Accessible customer service

Don’t jeopardize safety for convenience. Get the safest, most reliable medical linen services in the area today! Contact CTC at 800-926-5646 to get started.

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