There’s no room for second-rate linens in any company. Get what you need with reputable linen and uniform rental services in Custer City, OK. Choose CTC as your partner!

CTC’s Linen and Uniform Rental Services in Custer City

The convenience, cost control, and satisfaction provided by CTC’s high-quality service make it ideal for small businesses. We offer products for:

Industrial Uniforms

Provide your hard-working staff with the toughest industrial clothes that can withstand their job duties. Only CTC has the finest industrial uniforms in Custer City! We specialize in uniform manufacturing and laundry services. This guarantees that every uniform is in excellent working order for each workday.

Hotel Linen and Uniforms

Hotel linens from CTC will make every visitor’s stay more comfortable! Each item in our selection has been handpicked for superior quality, user convenience, and durability.

We offer:

Salon/Spa Towels

CTC offers high-quality salon and spa linens that will take your hospitality experience to the next level. We offer:

Bath Mats

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Bed Sheets

Fitted Sheets


Bar Mops

Microfiber Towels

Tea Towels

Beauty Towels

Microfiber Navy Beauty Towels

Bath Mats

Bath Towels

Hand Towels

Bed Sheets


Thermal Blankets



Automotive Products

With CTC’s consistent service, you’ll always be up to date on critical automobile shop supplies! We have everything from uniforms to floor mats, mops, and even bathroom and hygiene goods. We offer:

Shop Towels

Microfiber Towels

Fender Covers

Automotive Uniforms



Air Fresheners

Hand Soap

Restaurant Linen and Uniforms

Restaurants know how important it is to keep a clean and presentable appearance. A well-run restaurant cannot function without high-quality linen and uniforms – and that’s where CTC comes in. We’ll make sure that staff has everything they need to provide top-notch service to customers day in and day out. This includes:



Table Linens



Dust Control (Floor Care)

Floor mats can completely transform a business area. CTC’s commercial floor mat rental service offers high-traction, high-quality floor mats and expert mat maintenance to guarantee cleanliness and safety. Our flooring options include:

Standard Mats

Message Mats

Logo Mats

Special Matting

Janitorial Products

With our complete range of janitorial goods, you’ll be prepared for any emergency! Our high-quality cleaning supplies deliver outstanding results and our automatic supply replenishment service eliminates the need to worry about inventory. We offer:

Cleaning Chemicals, Equipment, and Supplies

Paper Products

Receptacles/Trash Can and Liners

Restroom Products

Family Laundry and Dry Cleaning

CTC is the place to go for safe, expert cleaning of your most important clothing. Our laundry expertise has a century-long history and specializes in comprehensive garment care, including garment repair and Sanitone-certified dry-cleaning service.

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