The Benefits of a Restaurant Apron Rental Service

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Still trying to figure out whether you should rent or buy your aprons? We are here to help you make the right choice!

Why Rent Aprons?

The most common misconception about renting restaurant aprons – among other restaurant linens – is that it is more expensive than just buying the aprons. And we can’t blame restaurant owners and managers for thinking that! Compared to the outright, one-time payout of buying a set of aprons, renting aprons seems like a long-term, regular cash drain. For many restaurants, too, owning their linens and being on top of their maintenance gives them a sense of complete control – of costs, quality, turnaround time between cleaning, etc. But at what cost do these “benefits” come?

Let’s compare the benefits and costs of buying and renting aprons.

1. Cost

As mentioned earlier, buying aprons seems like the less expensive way to go, but is it cost-efficient? Buying aprons doesn’t really just end with buying them. They need to be maintained well enough to not only just be functional but to maximize functionality. To achieve this, you need to spend money on people and an entirely new set of equipment.

Renting aprons relieves you of the financial burden of having to maintain them. All you need to do is speak with a reliable textile rental company, let them know your needs and leave the rest to them – you only need to sit around and wait for them to pick up the soiled aprons and deliver clean ones, all ready to use. In the long run, this translates to significant savings on transportation, equipment, overhead, and human resource.

2. Quality

Unless you already have heavy-duty, industrial-quality equipment and a dedicated working team for the maintenance of your aprons, you’ll never get to the same quality in cleaning as a commercial linen company would. And proper maintenance not only ensures that the items are in pristine condition when in use, but also contributes to the longevity of the items.

Wouldn’t it make better sense to spend on something you’d use for ten years than make “savings” by buying and maintaining aprons cheaply and then using them for only three years? You decide.

3. Efficiency

With in-house laundry, the tendency for most business owners is to keep just a small team and schedule the linen servicing to a minimum to keep the costs low, making the whole process a lot longer than it would have been in a scheduled pickup with a commercial linen service provider.

With the right linen service provider, you can rest assured that your pickups and deliveries are going to be on time. Running short on items for a busy night? That’s the best thing about partnering with a big, reliable name in the business: they can back you up.

4. Storage

With a few more items in your inventory, you’re likely to need extra storage that you don’t currently have, and you might have to shell out some cash to fix the problem. A linen service provider can easily give you the secure, clean storage you’d need for your extra inventory, all within the cost of your regular servicing.

5. Cleanliness

Domestic laundering is never on the same level of consistency, quality, and cleanliness as laundering in a standard, industry-certified facility. This is especially crucial with food prep-quality linens, where public health and customer welfare are at stake. With an expert linen service company, your apron rentals are not just on time and cost-efficient, you are guaranteed that they are hygienically clean.

Make the Right Choice!

Of course, success is not guaranteed just because you sign up for apron rental services. Picking the right partner is just as crucial as making the choice to rent. Your service provider should have credible certifications, time-tested expertise in the business, and a team of people who are willing to make it happen for you.

Contact us today! Give us a call at Consumer Textile Corporation to figure out the best option for you! You can talk to one of our experts at 800-926-5646 to learn more about our apron rental service.

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