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Why Uniforms Matter Outside the Public Eye

Uniforms are a common tool used in many businesses. They are a direct representation of your brand in more customer-facing roles. However, uniforms matter outside the public eye as well. Beyond looking good, they serve a variety of purposes that also help the business in ways the average consumer won’t see. (more…) Read More

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How to Choose Uniforms for Automotive and Industrial Businesses

Looking to supply employees with uniforms? You likely have a particular look in mind, a price range, and some idea of how those uniforms will be cleaned and maintained. Before making the phone call or online order, consider these tips for choosing uniforms for automotive or industrial business from the uniform experts at CTC. (more…)Read More

do employees like company uniforms

Do Employees Like Company Uniforms?

Uniforms are an integral part of many businesses providing a variety of benefits such as branding, protection, comfort, and more. However, every business operates differently and every employee has their own unique needs. Thanks to this, opinions on company uniforms differ depending on the person and the job. Many employees like company uniforms thanks to the benefits they provide. However, many also dislike them due to perceived drawbacks, limitations, or uniform quality. Read More

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Types of Uniforms Your Business Needs

Businesses that use uniforms have a variety of reasons for doing so. Each one knows the unique challenges it faces and uniforms can be a useful tool in helping face those challenges. The tricky part is finding the types of uniforms your business needs from a reputable provider. In order to find the right fit, it’s best to first understand what uniforms bring to the table. (more…) Read More

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How To Size Employee Uniforms

As a business owner, you want your employees to look their best. Making that happen not only involves choosing the right clothing, but ensuring a proper fit as well. Ill-fitting uniforms can be unflattering, but also dangerous in certain environments. Sizing uniforms correctly is essential in ensuring the professional look and safety of employees wearing them. (more…) Read More

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Oklahoma’s Best Industrial Uniform Service 

Keeping an inventory of industrial uniforms is difficult. Uniforms don't just have to be structurally sound or come at a price that fits the budget. They require specialized care, week after week, and, more importantly, must be available for every shift. An industrial uniform service expert is best at efficiently meeting all these needs. However, it can't be just about any service provider. You'll need the unmatched expertise of Oklahoma's best industrial uniform service: CTC! Read More

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How Local Uniform Service Outperforms National Brands

The debate between local and national companies has a clear winner when it comes to uniform service. In every way that counts for your business, local uniform service will provide far more accurate and reliable results. (more…) Read More

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