5 Signs Your Business Needs Custom Floor Mats

custom floor mats

Floors are more than just floors. In business, floors are a prime real estate for marketing with the use of custom floor mats. Despite this, many managers still find customized floor mats an unnecessary expense. So, we’ll make it easy. Here are 5 unmistakable signs you need custom floor mats for your business.

1. Your floors get dirty faster than you can clean them.

Shoes drag along most everything they step in, and more often than not, this dirt, debris, and a whole host of other filth gets transferred to your floors. While you cannot possibly keep an employee on round-the-clock floor duty, you can always get the next best thing: custom floor mats to keep the grime off of your floors.

2. Your floors are too plain.

Your floors are easily some of the most challenging things to beautify in any space. Unless you are willing to spend some prime cash on expensive flooring types, upgrading your floor’s appearance within a reasonable budget is close to impossible – unless, of course, you use custom floor mats. They are not only functional; they are also quick and easy to maintain and replace for seasonal aesthetic updates!

3. You want to make a bold statement that is impossible to miss.

bold logo mats

Floors, as we’ve mentioned earlier, are a premiere real estate for marketing. Why waste wide, open space – always within sight of your customers and impossible to miss – when you can make a big statement to catch your customers’ attention? Your floors hold countless possibilities for your marketing plans that you can never achieve from other parts of your business space!

4. You have spent a ton of money on your flooring.

A high volume of foot traffic may be good news for your business but it can be bad news for your flooring. No matter how expensive your floors are, they are not entirely indestructible and are susceptible to the wear and tear that comes from high foot traffic, just like every other flooring type. Floor repairs, or worse, replacement, are an expense you would not want to waste money on, especially prematurely. Investing in custom floor mats won’t just provide the protection your floor needs, but it will do so in style.

5. You need mats that are cohesive with your existing aesthetics and suit your floor’s dimensions.

Generic floor mats may be easy to find; but one that perfectly matches your floor’s dimensions and existing look can be a Herculean undertaking. Stop wasting hours (and money) searching for the ‘perfect’ store-bought floor mat, because (1) it does not exist, and (2) the perfect floor mats for your commercial space can only be achieved through customization.

Explore the endless possibilities that custom floor mats can bring you and your business with the help of Consumer Textile Corporation!

We have a wide range of customizable mats that suit different needs and different industries.

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