Does Linen Quality Matter in Restaurants?

does linen quality matter in restaurants?

When looking at their budgets, many restaurants wonder: does linen quality matter? In order to answer this question, the potential downsides of poorly made linens must first be explored. 

The Damage Bad Linens Cause

Low-quality linens are a massive liability to any restaurant that wants to be successful. They are terrible for business and cause each of these important factors to go down.

Customer Retention

Bad linens are noticeable even to an untrained eye. Customers will spot stains, rips, and tears no matter the product. The effects of this poor quality also mean that tables will be less clean and food less sanitary. This could lead to customers having a bad experience and not wanting to return. It could even go as far as forming a bad reputation and even potential first-time customers opting out of trying your restaurant. 

Employee Performance

Chefs and cooks work in hot, crowded environments with sharp objects. Hosts/hostesses need to maintain a professional look to do their jobs. Waiters/waitresses must clean stubborn messes and provide food quickly or they get an earful from everyone. If none of these positions have the linens they need for protection and to do their job, then their work suffers. 

Providing staff with cheap, poorly-designed linens tells them their employers don’t care about them. If their employers don’t care and their work already suffers, then many won’t put in the effort and productivity goes down.


Spending less on cheaply-made linens will inevitably lead to restaurants losing money in the long run. The low-quality material used in these products will fall apart quickly and cost more money to repair or replace. Including the loss of customers and lower employee productivity, this cost could very easily put your profit margins in the red. 

CTC Provides the Quality Linens Your Business Needs!

So does linen quality matter? CTC is prepared to answer that question by standing up to each of these losses and turning them into gains. 

  • Retention: With our stock of high-quality linens, we more easily attain cleanliness and professionalism. The customer experience improves with the quality of linens and that means so does the retention rate. 
  • Productivity: In line with the customer experience, CTC linens drastically improve the employee experience as well. This allows staff to more easily and efficiently do their jobs while also being more motivated to be productive. 
  • Profit: Naturally, profit increases with more customers and better employee performance rates. Buying or renting linens from CTC is not only affordable, but it also comes with access to our commercial laundry service. We clean and maintain linens for our clients so that they are always as fresh and effective as if they were new. 

Contact CTC Today!

CTC’s products clearly answer the question “does linen quality matter” with a resounding “yes!” To learn more about our top-of-the-line linen products, call us at (580) 323-3111 or fill out this form.

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