How to Implement Thorough Cleaning Procedures in Your Business

how to keep businesses clean

How clean your facility is depends on how thorough and effective your cleaning procedures are. Implementing it successfully, likewise, depends on three important things. (1) What to do, (2) knowing how to do it, and (3) what to use.

What to Do: An Effective Janitorial Plan

A consistently clean business space or work facility is founded in a well-implemented janitorial plan. Foremost in this janitorial plan must be a strategic cleaning schedule designed for the specific cleaning needs of your facility. The cleaning schedule should include plans for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleanings. Additionally, it must implement cleaning routines for areas that need multiple cleanings a day. For example: doorknobs, door handles, and light switches.

Also include cleaning-related tasks like airing out cushions, watering and sunning indoor plants, material replacement, and supply replenishment.

Your cleaning plan should also include strategies for preemptive maintenance. For instance, a carefully laid out floor mat plan. The floor mat plan’s main goal is to filter tracked-in soil and moisture from foot traffic, preventing them from getting into contact with your bare floors. This means creating a succession of different floor mats, with different abrasive capacities to help brush the bottoms of shoes as thoroughly as possible.

But because no plan ever succeeds without good follow through and implementation, this leads us to the next most important part of a good and thorough cleaning procedure: cleaning skills and techniques.

Knowing How to Do It: Cleaning Techniques and Skill

Good training and proper cleaning skills are essential in implementing thorough cleaning plans. This involves knowing how to handle cleaning equipment, knowing which cleaning solution goes with which area/equipment/cleaning tool, understanding the standards for cleanliness, and having the discernment to distinguish between “clean” and “thoroughly clean”.

Good cleaning skills and techniques also include an understanding of proper sanitation of cleaning tools. For instance, when and when not to reuse towels, which surfaces can share a mop head, how to disinfect certain surfaces and with which type of towel, etc.

Training for thorough cleaning should also include procedures for emergency situations, especially ones that are most likely to occur in your type of business.

What to Use: Janitorial Tools and Products

Finally, no facility or space is ever truly and thoroughly clean without the right products. There are many different products to choose from, designed to address different types of surfaces and exposures. Some can overlap, some cannot – and it is essential to know the difference.

Aside from choosing the right janitorial products for the specific types of cleaning your business requires, you also need to secure your supply. Making last-minute or weekly runs to the supermarket to replenish your supplies is not enough.

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