How Working with Local Businesses Helps the Community

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“Support Local!” has been the catchphrase of many businesses, economists, politicians and local governments over the last decade. We’ve seen it and heard it from everything and everyone – from farmer’s markets and restaurants to clothing stores and fairs. But do we really understand the magnitude of our support for the businesses in our communities?

In a national economy that relies heavily on the impact of small and local businesses, what does it mean to support local and who actually reaps the benefits?

Supporting local businesses magnifies the positive impact they have on their communities. Here’s how:

1. Helping the local job market.


According to data collected from 2000 to 2017, small businesses, including local enterprises, were responsible for creating 8.4 million jobs compared to the 4.4 million from large enterprises. When you buy from local businesses, you help them maintain financial health. This allows them to hire and keep employees which is a major contributor to a healthy economy.

2. Powering the local economy.

Your local businesses and their employees are not the only ones making profits from your support. Every sale that local businesses make translates to taxes that ultimately go back to the community and its members. These revenues support the local economy’s capacity to fund services meant to benefit all the community members.

3. Fostering better community relations.

Local businesses are smaller and are mostly run by people who are members of the community themselves. This allows those who work for and patronize their services more opportunities for interaction. Community interaction beyond just being neighbors helps foster a more communal spirit and strengthens relations among its members. Increased interaction of members in a community make that community stronger and healthier.  

4. Reducing carbon footprints.

One of the biggest impacts of working with local businesses is actually environmental. Visiting local establishments down the road cuts down on travel times and gas consumption – and not just for employees! For instance, consider what happens when you get your linen and laundry services done by a local company like CTC. Because their laundry facility is within the community, that’s half the trip and resulting carbon emissions that come from it. A lower carbon footprint is not only better for the world, but directly betters the air quality of the community itself. 

Every Action Has an Impact

The best thing about adopting a more local-centric mindset as a consumer is how it transforms your transactions into more meaningful and impactful interactions. When you understand the impact your actions create for the community, it no longer becomes a simple buy-and-sell situation but one whose effects ripple throughout the larger picture. 

CTC is Your Local Rental Services Company

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