Why Your Hotel Should Get Rid of Its On-Premise Laundry

on-premise laundry for your hotel

Hotel laundry can get pretty overwhelming, so it’s not surprising that so many hotel owners feel like they are running a laundry service as opposed to a hotel! While on-premise laundry gives many hotel owners a sense of control over quality and cost and how their linens and uniforms are treated, they are not the best nor the most practical ways to clean hotel laundry anymore.

Outsourcing your laundry may sound counter-intuitive, especially for those who are concerned about the costs. With your entire laundry operation in someone else’s hands, it’s natural to worry that surprise and unnecessary costs could add up on your bill.

But this should not be a concern in the hands of a linen service company that knows exactly what they are doing: the kind that is reliable, committed, and professional on top of being linen service experts.

With the help of a commercial linen service company for your hotel laundry, you can expect benefits that will make you wonder why you ever considered on-premise laundry in the first place:

1. You won’t have to pay for on-premise laundry equipment.

High-quality, industrial-grade washing machines are no small investment. On top of the cost of purchasing them, their maintenance is not cheap either. When you outsource your hotel laundry services, you are throwing all of those unnecessary costs out the window.

2. You won’t have to pay for on-site laundry personnel.

Leaving the hotel laundry in the care of a third-party laundry service provider means you never have to worry about the costs of hiring personnel to man your laundry department – not even the costs of training and management!

3. You’ll free up more room.

Even the most basic domestic-grade laundry machinery takes up a good amount of space. Free up some space from an on-site laundry room and make room for other purposes that have the potential for income.

4. You’ll get high-quality, reliable, and prompt services at all times without the hassle.

Linens go in and out of hotel rooms at a dizzying pace. The piles of laundry can be pretty hard to keep up with. A third-party service provider with a regular schedule of pickup and delivery can and will make sure that you’ll never have laundry backlogs or piles upon piles of dirty linens to worry about. Not to mention, you can always expect the same consistent quality of cleanliness without having to hover over your laundry personnel at all times.

5. You’ll have more time to manage your business.

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Laundry rooms can be stressful to manage. Especially if you have linen shortages and your machines frequently break down. Outsourcing your hotel laundry means you’ll never have to worry about these things, affording you precious time and energy to focus more on your hotel business.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the concern for control over quality and costs can be a deal breaker for anyone considering linen outsourcing. That is why choosing the right partner is of utmost importance.

Consider CTC! We are a locally-owned and -operated commercial linen service company with over 100 years of expert experience! Together with our well-planned, state-of-the-art laundry facility, we employ a personalized approach in delivering our service. We make sure the phone gets picked up by someone who understands your industry and knows how to respond to your linen needs – when you need them, the way you need them.

Talk with us today to learn about the benefits of working with a third-party company for your linen service needs and experience the way we have been satisfying our clients for more than 100 years. Call CTC today at 800-926-5646!

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