How to Protect Industrial Employees This Winter

protect industrial employees winter

Protecting industrial employees in the winter is very challenging. ‘Tis the season for shorter days, cold weather, and a wide array of hazards for industrial employees! CTC offers some valuable tips on how to protect industrial employees this winter season:

Slip and Fall Protection

Slip and fall accidents, any time of the year, already rank high on the list of workplace accident causes. In winter, slip and fall likelihood increases for many reasons. The risks are everywhere!

Preventative measures against slip and fall accidents are a must year-round. But with increased risks,  slip and fall measures should be fortified in the wintertime. The outdoors, of course, take top priority. Typically safe areas become a hotbed for slips and falls – for instance, parking lots and curbsides. Large equipment that gets exposed to the elements during the winter can be extra dangerous as well. A common example is the mounting steps of tractors, diggers, and even delivery trucks.

But the outdoors are not the only places that get extra risky during the winter season. Indoor floors need a little enhancement as well. With all the snow and slush, shoes will track in more snow, mud, and dirt. These impurities translate to slip and fall hazards. Knowing how to clean floors in the winter is essential. For instance, you can invest in better commercial mops that clean floors and sop up moisture more effectively. You can also upgrade your scraper mats and brush mats to stop mud from getting tracked inside.

Protect Industrial Employees in Winter 

with Updated Uniforms

The weather is certainly the main driver in deciding what to wear to work in the winter. Industrial uniforms are no different. High-quality warm clothes are indispensable to employees’ winter wardrobe. Even indoor workers could use a little extra warmth. Winter wardrobe staples include sweaters and vests, as well as winter jackets. Extra layers on pants can improve insulation as well. 

Provide Cleaner Surroundings

Aside from the hazards of cold exposure and slip and fall accidents, this season also brings the hazards of contagious diseases. The flu and the cold are more contagious in the colder months. To protect employees from a local outbreak, you need to improve facility hygiene.

Start by strengthening cleaning methods. This includes increasing the frequency of facility cleaning. This also means using better and stronger disinfectants. Put focus on high-touch areas like light switches, doorknobs, handles, etc. And, because moist areas are a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, keeping restroom floors and surfaces clean is a must. Invest in better restroom mats and cleaning towels.

Most importantly, promote better hand hygiene. Keep your hand soap and sanitizer dispensers full. Add more hand sanitizing stations, too, wherever possible.

Safer Employees, Better Business with CTC

Don’t let the cold season put your business or employees at risk. Call CTC at (800) 926-5646 for help on how to get your facility winter ready and your employees winter safe! 


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