Quality Uniforms vs Cheap Uniforms: The Difference

Weighing the benefits of quality uniforms vs cheap uniforms? It may seem tempting to save money by going with the less expensive option but it isn’t that simple. In fact, there are many factors to consider about cheap uniforms that may change your mind. 

The Dangers of Cheap Uniforms

Cheap uniforms are, without a doubt, a huge gamble for your business to take. Here’s what could go wrong: 

Lack of Protection

For industries where workers are at risk of being hurt or getting sick, they need the best protection you can get your hands on. Cheap uniforms mean that there is little to no guarantee that workers are safe from the dangers of their jobs. On top of the increased risks they face, they are much more likely to be more preoccupied with danger than their work which hurts their work. 

Higher Long-Term Expenses

Including the potential worker’s compensation and legal fees associated with health risks, there are a variety of other long-term expenses to worry about. Buying cheap uniforms means that they need much more routine maintenance and repairs, which is very costly. Sometimes complete replacements are also necessary because a uniform has become too expensive or damaged to continue using. 

Loss of Customers and Staff

The poor safety that comes as a result of low protection means many employees will leave for a job that protects them properly. What employees stay behind won’t be performing at their best, which shows when dealing with customers. All in all, cheap uniforms are a quick way to lose both. 

The Benefits of Quality Uniforms from CTC

Since 1907, CTC has been Oklahoma’s leading provider of quality uniforms. Our service has stood the test of time, helping businesses avoid the pitfalls of cheap uniforms. Here’s how: 

  • Sturdy Material. CTC’s uniforms give staff what they need to safely navigate the more hazardous aspects of their jobs. They are made with materials capable of withstanding sharp objects, heavy machinery, flammable materials, dangerous bacteria, and low-visibility environments.
  • Thorough Maintenance. Say goodbye to long-term maintenance expenses because our uniforms are built to last. We also take care of them ourselves as part of our affordable uniform rental service. This way, our clients always have them in stock and they’re always in good condition. 
  • Comprehensive Testing. Our uniforms keep both customers and staff around for the long haul. They look great and are well-maintained which tells clients that this is the same treatment they can expect from your business. We also empower employees with comfortable and highly protective apparel that helps them perform at their best

Quality Uniforms vs Cheap Uniforms: The Answer

The answer to the quality uniforms vs cheap uniforms debate is clear. The winner is quality uniforms and not by a small margin. The drawbacks of cheap uniforms far outweigh the small amount saved when going in that direction. Get in touch with CTC at (580) 323-3111 or through this link to get a free quote on quality uniforms today. 

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