What is a Uniform Rental Service?

uniform rental service

The words “uniform rental service” may seem self-explanatory. But much like other promisingly self-explanatory words, like “taxes” or “car insurance,” the reality is much more complicated.

Uniform rental services are complicated, but only for us. For you, we make uniform rental service as simple as possible.

1. Scheduling

First and foremost, we plan out our delivery schedule based on your business’s schedule and needs. We will work with you and work on delivering the products to you that fit within your preferred time and dates.

2. Uniform Selection

uniform rental service selection

With our large catalog of uniform choices, we can help you find the option that works best for your business.

3. Fitting

uniform rental services fitting

What’s the point of uniforms if they don’t look great? Every person is different, so we offer fitting services to tailor each uniform to your employees.

4. Employee ID Labels

uniform rental services identification

Each of your employees will receive a label on their uniforms featuring their name and a unique employee number. This will allow further tracking for missing or lost uniforms.

5. Pickup

uniform rental services pickup

You’ll never be asked to drop off your dirty laundry. We pick everything up for you, so you never have to leave your business.

6. Laundering

uniform rental service laundry

Our industrial-grade equipment can produce a clean your home washing machine could never even dream of.

7. Inspection

We deliver satisfaction, which is why we inspect our uniforms to make sure you never get a dirty or damaged product.

8. Mending and Replacement

uniform rental services repair

If your uniforms are damaged, we mend them. If they’re beyond repair, we replace them for you.

9. Delivery

Finally, we deliver fresh uniforms directly to your business!

We give your business more than just a uniform rental service. We give you time and take away some of your stress.

Get in touch with CTC today to learn more about our uniform rental service! You can reach us by phone at 800-926-5646 or through the contact form on our website.

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