Hotel Management: This is Why Your Hotel Linens May Not Be Clean

Upon draping freshly cleaned linens onto one of your hotel’s beds, your cleaning staff may breathe a sigh of relief looking over the beautiful room they just cleaned to perfection. But what they don’t know is they only think the room is perfect.

Based on the recent bad publicity your hotel has been getting, or potentially the bad publicity you are avoiding, you are starting to scrutinize what your cleaning staff may be forgetting.

But not all problems can be seen by the naked eye.

Even after cleaning, your hotel linens may actually still be crawling with bacteria, mildew and dust mites.

Before you run through the whole hotel to gather the linens and rewash them, let us explain to you the reasons your supposedly clean hotel linens may in fact be dirty.

1. Towels are not hung properly.

You know these guests – the ones who throw their wet towels all over the counter tops and the floors before they check out. Those opting out of cleaning service during their stay may even leave the towels like this for days. These towels then become a breeding ground for mildew.

How a guest treats the linens may not seem like a big deal in the short term, except to the person who has to clean them. But even after washing, the towels are potentially still harboring that mildew. Those towels are then circulated to the new guest checking in. Even though the towel looks clean, that mildew survived its most recent wash cycle and is ready to grow with a vengeance.

2. Hotel linens are stained by bodily fluids.


We will spare you the details in this explanation, but stains can very easily go unnoticed. The item looks clean, but then the curious guest checks in. They investigate their bed sheets, and alas, they find a faint yellow mark on their white pillowcase.

While the bacteria from the last guest’s drool may be long gone, it didn’t go out without a fight. As a hotel manager, this is something to be incredibly cautious of, as even a clean piece of linen can appear dirty.

3. Hotel linens are not washed properly.

Rushing to get linens washed in time can cause carelessness to detail when laundering materials. If not washed properly, linens can come out of the wash still containing bacteria.

A garment with bacteria and dust mites might slip by unnoticed as its appearance does not change. A germ-laden linen here and there might slip through the cracks and even infect the rest of the laundry.

This is how to clean up your act. 

All of these reasons are primarily out of your control. You can’t stop guests from throwing towels onto the floor. You can’t spend hours investigating every piece of linen for drool stains. And you can try to wash your hotel linens better, but you’ll still have to rush to get it all done and on top of that to get it done right.

That’s what Consumer Textile Corporation is here for. We provide top-of-the-line hotel linen rental and laundry services. Give us a call today at 800-926-5646 or fill out our contact form to learn more about how we can make your hotel linens truly clean.

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