Winter Employee Protection with CTC 

winter employee protection

The winter season is coming and it can’t be stopped! How prepared is your business to protect your employees during this season? With all the dangers that Oklahoma winters bring, keeping your employees safe is no easy feat. But you don’t have to fret about that! Get better and more dependable winter employee protection from CTC!

How CTC Helps With Winter Employee Protection

CTC has a wide range of products and services that help you secure your employees’ safety throughout the winter season. From their uniforms to their workspace, CTC has everything you need:

All the Winter Uniform Solutions that You Need

CTC has a complete selection of commercial and industrial uniforms to choose from. This includes a selection of high-quality outerwear to offer your facilities the best protection during the winter months. We cover a wide range of industries, including restaurants, hotels, automotive, salons and spas, and industrial facilities.

Easy, Efficient Uniform Care that Secures Your Uniform Supplies

Oklahoma winter storms can wreak havoc on your facility’s supplies. But not with CTC working behind the scenes. Our expertise in uniform supply services secures your supplies no matter what is going on outside. Even when your facility gets interrupted by bad weather, your uniforms arrive in the best condition. Your employees will never have to worry about coming to work without their protective workwear.

Top-Notch Solutions to Support Your Facility Cleaning Needs in Winter

Cleaning a fully operational business space in the wintertime is never easy. Everything from the floors to the windows requires extra cleaning effort. Even the restrooms are dirtier! And dirty workspaces are unsafe workspaces. It puts your employees at risk for accidents and even winter’s most notorious contagious diseases. CTC offers you an extra hand in this. We have a selection of more than 40,000 janitorial products to help you clean every single area of your facility. We also offer floor care solutions to help keep your floors clean and safe.

CTC: Your Linen and Uniform Partner for All Seasons

CTC offers complete linen and uniform solutions that do more than just protect your employees during winter. We have a whole range of services that help you get the best care for your facility.

We don’t just have great solutions. CTC has more than 100 years of industry experience! Nothing about what we do is half-hearted or experimental. Even our choice of linen care and handling equipment has been carefully scrutinized and chosen for their functionality and efficiency. This is how you can trust that every item and every service that you receive works to bring you the results that your business deserves.

Through winter’s biggest challenges, your employees get the best protection and in the most efficient way possible with CTC.

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What are you waiting for? Get the best winter employee protection in the industry only from CTC! Call us at 580-323-3111 to get started or send us your inquiries here!

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