Discussions to Have About Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety Discussion

When it comes to workplace safety discussions, sooner is always better than later. Now’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to educate employees, management, and even vendors on the importance of fall prevention, the severity of fall accidents, and workplace safety.

It’s never too late to discuss workplace safety. We have some items to focus on: 

Identifying Fall Hazards in the Workplace

One of the most essential steps to keeping your facility safe is to identify the hazard areas in your workplace. Most incidents of fall accidents are preventable, making early identification of these possibly dangerous areas in your facility all the more important. Click here for the OSHA-resource guide on Fall Hazard Recognition, Prevention, and Control.  

How to Contribute to Improving the Safety of Your Facility 

Keeping your facility safe against fall accidents is never a one-man job. It is not even a one-department job! Contributing to keeping your facility safe requires full cooperation from everybody; employees, management, and even your vendors are part of this greater picture. Including this in your Safety Stand-Down Discussion allows for greater awareness of the role each individual member plays in keeping themselves and their environments safer.

Types of Falls and How to Prevent Them

When it comes to keeping your facilities safe against fall accidents, knowledge is definitely a weapon. There are so many types of fall accidents – falls from a height, same-level falls, trips-and-falls, etc. Each one comes with different injury risks. Side by side with identifying hazardous areas in your workplace, it is important to keep everyone up to date on which types of falls can occur, and which ones they are most at risk of.

Reviewing your Safety Policies at Work

It’s easier to create policies than it is to implement them. Creating a culture of safety is never achieved overnight, but you’ve got to start somewhere. A good time is now. Start by reviewing existing safety policies and get everyone else’s input on existing policies. After all, it’s the people who work the floors day in and day out that know the actual situation. Their input, guided by your safety professional, might help enrich existing policies. Turning the stand-down event into a dialogue helps in the success of follow-through because your biggest stakeholders are not only more aware of your safety policies, but they’ll actually feel like real contributors/participants.

Reviewing Your Rescue Plan

What protocols are in place should a fall accident (or any type of accident) occur in your facility? Who are your first responders? What does the rest of the company know about first-aid responses? The stand-down event opens up opportunities to review and reinstate emergency response plans in your facility. It also opens doors to train interested facility responders.

CTC is Here to Support Your Business

At CTC, safety is our first priority. We work hard to prevent accidents in our own facilities so that we can better serve our customers. For more information on proper workplace safety proceedure, visit the OSHA Resource Site or get in touch with OSHA here. You can also contact us at 1(800) 926-5646 for information on our products and services.


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