janitorial staff supply

Ready Janitorial Staff: How to Fully Equip Your Janitor and Cleaning Staff

With the Coronavirus on everybody’s mind, the world has seen how dependent businesses and business operations are on their janitorial staff. To combat these issues, your janitorial staff needs to be better-equipped than ever. (more…) Read More

laundry service

What a Laundry Service Can Do for Your Business

Laundry services can be hugely beneficial to businesses of every kind. From auto shops to hospitals, a laundry service is a game-changer in any industry. A quality laundry service will provide quality products, free up your time and energy, save you money, and be consistently clean and safe.  (more…) Read More

covid-19 response

COVID-19 Response from CTC

One of our employees took this picture as he was coming into our plant. In light of recent events, we found this image particularly striking. In these trying times, one thing is certain: as Americans, we will stick together and get through this. (more…) Read More

source ingredients locally

Importance of Sourcing Ingredients Locally

There are many reasons why you should use locally-sourced ingredients for your restaurant. The benefits to your community, customers, and yourself for using locally-sourced foods are often understated. (more…) Read More

local business

How Working with Local Businesses Helps the Community

“Support Local!” has been the catchphrase of many businesses, economists, politicians and local governments over the last decade. We’ve seen it and heard it from everything and everyone – from farmer’s markets and restaurants to clothing stores and fairs. But do we really understand the magnitude of our support for the businesses in our communities? Read More

western oklahoma events

CTC’s Guide to Local Events in the New Year!

Looking for events or activities in Western Oklahoma in 2020? Local events in Oklahoma are as fun as they are varied, especially for 2020!  Here’s a few to write on your calendar: (more…) Read More

microfiber towels

Why You Need Microfiber Towels

There is a lot of hype in the market surrounding microfiber towels, and it’s for a good reason. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that consists of split polyester and polyamide fibers. These fibers measure less than 1 denier, a unit of measurement for fibers based on the weight and size of a strand of silk.  (more…) Read More

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