uniform service 2021

Professional Uniform Service 2021: New Service, New Successes

Uniform Service in 2021 needs to be better for your business. A new year has always been a moment to change things for the better. For you, that might mean getting the best possible uniform service available in 2021. The right partner can make a world of difference to your brand and operations! (more…) Read More

temperature affects employee productivity

How Workplace Temperature Affects Productivity

There is a real correlation between how workplace temperature affects productivity.  If you’re looking for any proof to back you up in your argument to raise office temperatures, this is it. (more…) Read More

protect industrial employees winter

How to Protect Industrial Employees This Winter

Protecting industrial employees in the winter is very challenging. ‘Tis the season for shorter days, cold weather, and a wide array of hazards for industrial employees! CTC offers some valuable tips on how to protect industrial employees this winter season: (more…) Read More

Workplace Safety Discussion

Discussions to Have About Workplace Safety

When it comes to workplace safety discussions, sooner is always better than later. Now's the perfect opportunity for businesses to educate employees, management, and even vendors on the importance of fall prevention, the severity of fall accidents, and workplace safety. (more…) Read More

how to keep businesses clean

How to Implement Thorough Cleaning Procedures in Your Business

How clean your facility is depends on how thorough and effective your cleaning procedures are. Implementing it successfully, likewise, depends on three important things. (1) What to do, (2) knowing how to do it, and (3) what to use. (more…) Read More

protect employees uniform service

How Uniform Services Protect Your Employees

Uniform services bring an unmatched advantage business, as well as savings. But did you know that uniform services can greatly benefit your employees as well? (more…) Read More

reliable mat service

Why Your Business Needs a Reliable Mat Service

We get it: signing a long-term mat service contract is intimidating. A thousand things can be going through your head: does your business really need it? What can it do for your business? Is it going to be worth every penny you pay for it, or would you be flushing your hard-earned money down the drain without any returns? (more…) Read More

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