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Dave Felch

P: 580-323-3111 ext. 110

Elizabeth Johnson

Office – Routes
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 112

Brian Felch

Plant – Sales
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 171
C: 580-445-8145

James Kimbro

Commerical Plant Manager
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 130
C: 580-309-1918

Chona Rodriguez

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Manager
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 124

Rick Thurman

Service Manager
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 118
C: 580-309-0730

Scott Johnson

Sales Manager

Alex DeShazer

Clinton Branch Manager

Taylor Garcia

Lawton Branch Manager

Sarah DeShazer

Human Resource
P: 580-323-3111 ext. 132

Martin Wandrie

Maintenance Engineer

Shelley Jones



Steven Price

C: 580-515-0153

Houston Jones

C: 580-515-0156

Jesse Adams

C: 580-515-0157

Jimmie Malinowski

C: 580-515-0164

Anthony Anderson

C: 580-515-0152


Mike Davis

C: 580-309-3252

Terry Tunget

C: 580-515-4697

Ashley Kelley

C: 580-515-0172


Susie Aguirre

C: 580-774-2111

Catrina Crotts

C: 580-225-3354

Lena Cardenas

C: 580-323-3111

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